Site Based Council

The Council will take on issues that are of significant
concern to students, teachers, parents and/or support
staff. The Council will give this site more latitude to
pursue significant education improvements. The
Council believes this is best accomplished through
communication among school staff, parents, students
and community. Hand in hand we will work together to
give the students of Tyonek the best education possible.
The council, as the site based decision making group,
serves as an overseer, resource, sounding board, and
core for communication between the represented
constituency groups. As representatives of a specific
group, the members are responsible for bringing the
information from that constituency to the council. Once
the information is presented, the members are “people of
goodwill making the best decisions for the good of the school.”
Regulations set forth by KPBSD)
Representatives of the following school community members
will be selected by an election from their constituency.
2 – Teachers, selected by and reports to the teachers.
1 – Administrator
1 – Classified, selected by and reports to the classified
Staff of Tebughna School
3 – Parents, selected by and reports to the Parent
Advisory Organization
1 – Community Member
1 – Student
Teacher, parent and student positions should be elected
by the groups themselves. Each group will set the
parameters for their elections. Groups may decide to
utilize an alternate for any member unable to attend.
QUALIFICATIONS: (as per stipulations of KPBSD)
1. Council/Steering Committee members, excluding
principal, shall be council participants/members terms as
noted below. Members are eligible for re-election.
2. Teachers (certified members) and support staff shall
be assigned to Tebughna Elementary/High School for
a minimum of 50% of their working schedule and
selected by the membership represented. These
members will serve a one year term unless re-elected
by the membership represented.
3. Parents or caretakers/guardians must have a student
enrolled at Tebughna School during the year of member-
ship. (Parent positions vacant during a term will be filled
by council nominations and consensus until the next
spring election. (The newly appointed or elected
member will serve the duration of the original position.)
4. The non-parent community shall be nominated by the
committee and approved by the council.
Term of membership – Twelve (12) months. Election will
be held between April 15 and the end of the school year and
shall take office at the beginning of the next school term.
OFFICERS: A chair person and a secretary will be nominated
by and annually selected by the council in October.
1. The agenda will be created by the chair person. All
agenda items must be received by the chair person a
week before the next scheduled Tebughna Council
meeting. Agenda items will be proposed to the Council
relating to school wide issues. Chair person will
distribute the proposed agenda to the members of the
Council a minimum of two (2) days before the next
Tebughna Council Meeting.
2. Decisions are to be made by consensus. When the
Council is not able to reach consensus then approval
requires a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members
The council will meet at least four times during the school year at
Tebughna School. The meeting times will be scheduled at the
discretion of the committee. The first meeting will be in October
and subsequent meetings will be set at that time. The last meeting
of the school year will be held in April. Meetings are open to the
public. Items of a confidential nature will be handled during an
executive session.
QUORUM: is defined as five (5) of the official members of the
1. Minutes from council meetings will be submitted to absent
council members after each meeting.
2. Minutes from council meetings will be submitted to the
superintendent after each meeting.
3. Agendas and minutes from council meetings will be available
for the public in the principals office and posted in a central
4. An annual report and self evaluation from the council will be
submitted to the Superintendent and to the District Site
Based Decision Making Action Team yearly.
Amendments to the bylaws can be initiated by two methods:
a. Any member of the council submitting the proposed
change as an agenda item
b. By a petition signed by (6) members of the Tebughna
staff and/or parents.
Amendments to the bylaws will be ratified by consensus with all
members of the council present.
The Council may appoint committees to assist them in carrying
out their responsibilities. Committees are to be advisory to the
Council on matters such as finance, public relations, programs,
During the last meeting of each school year, the committee
shall complete a self evaluation reviewing the year’s actions
and accomplishments. The evaluation will identify areas in
which the committee has been effective and also include
those items which need further development and attention
during the upcoming school year. A school survey will
be completed on an annual basis

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